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Cryptnox RFID/NFC Contactless Blocking Card

Cryptnox RFID/NFC Contactless Blocking Card

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Ultimate data security:

The Cryptnox RFID/NFC Contactless Blocking Card is your fortress against digital threats. Safeguard your financial and personal data with ease.


Easy setup, powerful protection:

No need for complicated installations or apps. Just slip the Cryptnox Blocking Card into your wallet, and it acts as an impenetrable shield for your RFID/NFC cards, credit/debit cards, IDs, and smart cards.


Wallet-friendly design:

Our slim, lightweight card fits seamlessly into your wallet without adding bulk. Enjoy all the benefits of cutting-edge security without sacrificing convenience.


Total privacy assurance:

Cards placed on top of this shielding wonder remain entirely secure. Prevent any unauthorized data access and keep your personal information confidential.


Versatile protection:

The Cryptnox Blocking Card is compatible with all RFID/NFC-enabled cards, ensuring comprehensive security wherever you go. Keep your digital world safe and sound.
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