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Cryptnox Hardware Wallet with Dual Card Setup

Cryptnox Hardware Wallet with Dual Card Setup

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Crypto Hardware Wallet - Dual Card

Compatible with Bitcoin, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Chains and related tokens (such as USDC and USDT) as well as NFT's

Dual card set comes with following cards:

  • A main card
  • A backup card
  • An access card

IOS Application:

Android Application:

Web3 Connectivity:

Use the mobile application to connect to any Web3 dapp via Wallet Connect

Matamask Connectivity:

Connect your card to your Metamask browser add-on via QR code communication
(EIP 4527)

NFC and Contact:

Genuine check with On-Card Dynamic Active Authentication with Manufacturer Certificate Chain.

Backup Solutions:

  • Dual Card Generation with backup card when using Dual Card Steup (Seed Generation from On-Card TRNG source)
  • Standard 12/24 Words (BIP 39)
Digital Signatures:
  • ECDSA on “Koblitz Bitcoin” 256 K1 and  NIST P256 R1 curves
  • BIP 340 (Schnorr) on “Koblitz Bitcoin” 256 K1 and NIST P256 R1 curves

Card Authentication with:

  • IOS and Android with Biometrics (using the Secure Enclave)
  • PIN
  • Windows Hello Biometrics (TPM)
  • Yubikey Products with Personal Identity Verification Functionality (NIST 800-73-4)

Other Specifications and Functionalities:

  • Seed Generation from On-Card TRNG source
  • Data Exchanges always fully protected within AES 256 bits Secure Tunnel, with MAC for integrity and authentication
  • BIP32 & SLIP10 Key Derivation fully On-Card (no Parity Recovery needed)
  • Export BIP32 XPUB Data
  • File Encryption and Decryption (Encryption Key derived from Seed)
  • On-Card Transaction History and Counter Log
  • On-Card Blockchain Configuration Settings
  • Common Criteria EAL6+ Certified Chipset

Python3 CLI client for:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Core 20)


  • Ships from EU for EU Clients (Amazon)
  • Ships form US for US Clients (Amazon)
  • Ships from Switzerland for other destinations
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