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Cryptnox SA

Cryptnox FIDO Card

Cryptnox FIDO Card

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Security Key for iPhone and MacOS, NFC Communication Passwordless or 2FA authentication
Convenient Card Format


Ease of use:

The Cryptnox Fido Card offers a seamless experience, working right out of the box without the need for software or configuration. Simply tap it on the back of your phone or place it on your smart card reader to start using it immediately. The smart card format enables efficient NFC data transfer. With mobile phones, correct positioning at the back is required - either in the middle or at the very top - depending on your device model.

Second factor or passwordless:

Enhance the security of your login on platforms such as Gmail, Dropbox, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, and many more by using the Cryptnox Fido Card as either a second factor or passwordless authentication method. Strong anti-phishing protection.


By default, the Cryptnox Fido card is compatible with browsers on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, it can work on Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS (With Safari) when connected with a smart card reader.

Apple security key for iPhone and Mac:

The Cryptnox Fido Card can be used as a 2FA Security Key for iPhone. A minimum of two devices is required. Easy setup instructions can be found on Apple support pages (see link below).




The chipset and cryptographic module are certified EAL6+ as per the Common Criteria standards, and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 as per the NIST standards. The device is certified FIDO2 Level1 as per the Fido Alliance standards. The Cryptnox FIDO2 SmartCard is compliant with very high international standards for computer security.

Guide and certificate:

Iphone Security Key Setup guide

Cryptnox Fido Card guide
View FIDO2 Level 1 Certificate

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