Cryptnox B-NFT-1 Card - CRYPTNOX
Cryptnox B-NFT-1 Card - CRYPTNOX
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cryptnox B-NFT-1 Card - CRYPTNOX

Cryptnox B-NFT-1 Card

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Brief Technical Description:

This Card has been designed with very specific Lifecycle. It has two Data Slots, which can include a Low Resolution Digital Image Representation, Smart Contract Metadata & ABI, Blockchain Identification as well as API Endpoint. These can only be set once at Initialization, prior to On-Card Key Pair Generation


Crypto Hardware Wallet Smartcard with Advanced Functionalities

NFC and Contact

Genuine check with On-Card Dynamic Active Authentication with Manufacturer Certificate Chain

On-Card Only Single Key Pair Generation

Backup Solutions:

  • The Only Possibility is to generate a Clone Backup on Second Card with Dual On-Card Seed Generation. Two Cards are initialized with the same Seed. In this Case, this Double Card Generation will be flagged and the above mentioned Verification will have to be performed on Both Cards

    Digital Signatures : ECDSA "Koblitz Bitcoin" K1 only

    Data Exchanges always fully protected within AES 256 bits Secure Tunnel, with MAC for integrity and authentication

    Seed Generation from On-Card TRNG source

    Card Authentication with:

    • Pin Only

    On-Card Transaction History and Counter Log

    On-Card Blockchain Configuration Settings

    Common Criteria EAL6+ Certified Chipset

    Python3 CLI client for:

    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Linux Ubuntu (including Ubuntu Core 20)

    IOS Application:

    NFT Streaming to Apple TV

    Ships from EU for EU Clients
    Other Destinations: Ships from Switzerland